Corporate Affiliates

The Australian National TAFE Association, Corporate Australia and Global Partners

A Natural Affiliation

TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) is the peak association representing Australia’s national network of publicly owned Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes and university TAFE divisions, and the Australia-Pacific Technical College.

Australia’s network of TAFE institutes is the largest and most diverse component of Australia’s national tertiary education sector, with more than 1000 campuses located across central business districts, suburban, regional and remote locations, and with many institutes offering further services throughout the Asia-Pacific and other offshore regions.

The core business of TDA is supporting our member institutes, leading the advocacy for quality skills in Australia and globally, and managing a range of international education and training projects in cooperation with our institutes and with Australian and international partners.

TAFE Directors Australia is an Australian national representative organisation with a truly global reach.

Increase your organisation’s profile and access to the Australian and global vocational education and training sector by becoming a TDA Corporate Affiliate.

Let’s work together for the promotion and skilling of a global workforce with productive capabilities that meet local industry and firm needs and that contribute to global logistic supply chains.

Contact Mr Ronald Jackson at or on +61 (0)418 979 031 for a personal briefing on the benefits of joining with TDA throughout 2020 and beyond.

Australian Institute of Sport

The AIS Athlete TAFE Network is part of the AIS’ Athlete wellbeing and engagement, one of six priority areas for the AIS.  TDA member TAFEs and dual sector universities support the AIS vision for athlete wellbeing and engagement so


Between hope and possible, there’s a bridge: Cisco technology is creating a world of potential.  Cisco technology helps its customers work smarter, and enables the transformations that are opening new worlds of possibility.


Investing in people, communities, networks and a sustainable future, Optus’ focus is on creating a better connected future for Australia by re-imaging what is possible.

Technology One

Enterprise Software as a Service that provides a simple and engaging experience for students and staff. Tertiary education institutions face growing administrative complexity due to shifts to greater global competition, student mobility and pressure to provide exceptional student experiences.


Connecting young people to all the options available after high school and beyond. Career and life advice that helps in finding the opportunity that is right and that provides the path to success.  An online resource for post school