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The Australian National TAFE Association Supporting the Tertiary Sector

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This year will be a watershed for the tertiary education sector, particularly with the renewed interest in tertiary education expressed by both federal parties. TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) will continue to be a strong voice to advocate for the tertiary sector and for coherence in educational and financing arrangements across the sector. Your views and input into this advocacy will be warmly welcomed.

At this exciting time of contemplating the possibility of a new and brighter future for tertiary education in Australia, let’s work together for the promotion and skilling of a global workforce with productive capabilities that meet local industry and firm needs, that contributes to global logistic supply chains, and one that enables student self-actualisation.

If you are a quality education or training provider in the tertiary sector, with a long-established reputation, join with TDA as an Associate Member of TAFE Directors Australia for 2020.

Associate membership for 2020 is a modest $2,100.00 per annum.

Contact Ronald Jackson at or on +61 (0)418 979 031 for a personal briefing on the benefits of joining with TDA as an associate member throughout 2020 and beyond.